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"The Comet Trading Company's finest racing broom. Starting to show its age, yet still an extremely versatile and a great first broom"
Harry Potter:Quidditch World Cup[src]

The Comet 260 was a broomstick manufactured by the Comet Trading Company. It is noted that the 260 looks good, but doesn't offer much in performance compared to other brooms. This most likely means that the broomstick is rather cheaper than other broomsticks. It was said to look like "a joke" next to the Firebolt, also indicating that it is a low quality broomstick.

Known Owners

Behind the scenes

In the GBC version of the video game of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Ron Weasley owned a Comet 260 which he lent to Harry so he'd be able to catch the Flying Key in Filius Flitwick's chamber to get to the Philosopher's Stone and it was revealed to be a beginner's broom.



Nymphadora Tonks's Comet 260

Notes and references

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