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The Code of Wand Use is a regulation of wand usage, probably legislated by the Ministry of Magic. Clause Three of the Code (this clause is also known as The Wand Ban) states that "No non-human creature is permitted a wand."

The Brotherhood of Goblins were a group pressing for Goblin rights, which included the right to carry and use a wand.


The main well-known breach of the Code of Wand Use was a breach of Clause Three. When, at the Quidditch World Cup in 1994, the Dark Mark was conjured by Bartemius Crouch Jr., using Harry Potter's wand, which he had stolen from Harry's back pocket. Members of the Ministry of Magic arrived shortly after, and, unknowingly, Stunned him. Because he was wearing an Invisibility cloak, however, the Ministry worker who went to search the area where Harry, Ron, and Hermione said they heard the incantation spoken did not see him, but instead found Winky, a house-elf belonging to Bartemius Crouch Sr., with the wand in her hand. Upon reviving her, Amos Diggory explains the law.

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