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Cliodna, also known as Cliodne was a famous Irish druidess who lived in Medieval times. An Animagus with the ability to turn into a sea bird, she was aided by three magical birds that cured the sick by singing them to sleep. It was also said that she could turn into a wave. She also discovered the properties of Moondew. Cliodne appeared on a Chocolate Frog Card.

In September of 1991, Harry Potter picked up a Chocolate Frog Card with a picture of Cliodna, who was scratching her nose.

Magical abilities and skills

  • Potioneer: Cliodna was skilled with potions, discovering a new ingredient.
  • Animagus: She was also a master of transfiguration, turning herself into a sea bird.

Behind the scenes

  • In Irish mythology, Cliodna was a goddess of love and beauty, said to have three brightly coloured birds whose song healed the sick. She left Tir Tairngire to be with her mortal lover, Ciabhán, but drowned as she slept in Glandore harbour in County Cork.


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