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Ron Weasley: "Brilliant! Mum would've made us clean those out by hand. We'd've still been scrubbing them at Christmas!"
Hermione Granger: "If you'd just take the time to learn some cleaning spells..."
Ron Weasley: "Who wants to spend their time cleaning things up? This was much more fun!"
Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger argue about the method Ron chose to clean Fred and George's old cauldrons[src]

A cleaning spell is a generic term for a spell used to make an object cleaner, such as the Scouring Charm or Skurge Charm.

Ronald Weasley did not know many, if any, cleaning spells. Therefore, during the summer of 1996, he recommended that Harry Potter use the Levitation Charm to toss some old cauldrons filled with Love Potion residue that Fred and George Weasley had left in the Burrow's garage in a nearby pond, rather than clean them out by hand as his mother requested. Hermione Granger pointed out that if Ron would merely learn some cleaning spells, he could have saved himself the hassle.[1]


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