These backrooms were two rooms in the back of Classroom 3C, used for Defence Against the Dark Arts. They were used by Alastor Moody (Bartemius Crouch Jr in disguise) to teach Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger some extra lessons[1] in how to deal with curses.[3]

The first room was filled with lots of Dugbogs which had to be dealt with using either the Levitation Charm, Avifors Spell, Orbis Jinx or just random jinxes. The room was also filled with giant rocks that one could use to crush the Dugbogs.[1]

The second room was a bit more specific, being filled with many Salamanders that had to be dealt with by using either the Ebublio Jinx, Aqua Eructo Charm or other random jinxes. This room also had bonfire obstacles that needed to be turned off using the Aqua Eructo Charm. The exiting door had a giant bonfire that the Trio had to take down together. The second time they entered this room, Moody had put the Aqua Eructo spellbook inside the room, which the Trio had to pick up. The door used to exit this room lead out to a roof top outside the Hogwarts Castle.[1]



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