A Clabbert is an arboreal creature that resembles a cross between a monkey and a frog.


Its smooth skin is mottled green, and it has short horns and a wide grinning mouth full of razor sharp teeth. Its long arms and webbed hands and feet allow it to move gracefully through the trees. On the Clabbert's forehead is a large pustule which flashes red when the Clabbert senses danger. It feeds on small lizards and birds.[1]

The Clabbert is generally found in the southern states of America, but can now be found worldwide. American wizards and witches used to keep Clabberts to give them early warning about approaching Muggles. The International Confederation of Wizards were forced to introduce fines to stop this. Despite looking nice at night, a tree full of glowing Clabbert pustules caused curious Muggle neighbours to wonder why the Wizards still had their Christmas lights up in June.



The word "Clabber" is a Scottish and Anglo-Irish word for "mud", "soft dirt", and "wet clay". In US dialect, it means "to curdle" or the way to mix a milk.


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