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Riddle: "Stand aside, Hagrid!"
Hagrid: "No!"
Riddle: "Cistem aperio!"
— Riddle's use of the spell[src]

Cistem Aperio is the incantation for a charm that is used to open chests. Being more specific that Alohamora may increase its potency against a warded target of the appropriate kind. It may be related to Annihilare, Dunamis, Emancipare, and Liberare.

Known uses


Aperio is Latin for open, uncover, to uncover, lay bare, reveal, or make clear, the source of the English "appear". Cistem is a corruption of cistam, thea form of the Latin word for 'chest'.

Behind the scenes

Severus spell

Severus Snape possibly casting the spell.


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