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Riddle: "Stand aside, Hagrid!"
Hagrid: "No!"
Riddle: "Cistem aperio!"
— Riddle's use of the spell[src]

Cistem Aperio is the incantation of a charm that is used to blast open a trunk, chest, box or crate with a burst of white light[1].

Being more specific than other opening spells in that it works only on trunks, chests, boxes or crates, may increase the spell's potency against a warded target of the appropriate kind[1].

Tom Riddle used this spell to blast open the chest in which Aragog, the pet-acromantula of Rubeus Hagrid, lived in during its time at Hogwarts Castle[1].


Aperio is Latin for open, uncover, lay bare, reveal, or make clear. Cistem is a corruption of cistam, a form of the Latin word for 'box' or 'basket'.

Behind the scenesEdit

Severus spell

Severus Snape possibly casting the spell


Notes and referencesEdit

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