The Circus Arcanus was a travelling wizarding freak show owned by Skender that boasted the "world's most complete congress of human oddities."[1] It consisted of a daily street parade, which the organisers promised was "worth coming miles to see," and would amuse both young and old.[1]


Circus Arcanus

Poster advertising the Circus Arcanus's 1926 visit to New York

The Circus Arcanus visited New York for two weeks in 1926, starting on 29 November, and ending with a "spectacular" final show at 8PM on 13 December.[1] Two parades were held on Friday 3 December, at 3:15PM and 8PM, respectively.[1]

The Circus Arcanus was slated to travel to somewhere in Europe after its stop in New York.[1] It came to Paris in early 1927.[2]



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