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==Notes and references==
==Notes and references==
[[pl:Placek bożonarodzeniowy]]

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Christmas cake
Christmas cake
Food information


"After a meal of turkey sandwiches, crumpets, trifle, and Christmas cake, everyone felt too full and sleepy to do much before bed except sit and watch Percy chase Fred and George all over Gryffindor Tower because they'd stolen his prefect badge."

Christmas cake is a type of fruitcake traditionally served in Great Britain at Christmas. Christmas cake was served at the Christmas feast of 1991[1] and 1992.[2] In 1993, Molly Weasley gave Harry Potter a Christmas cake as a Christmas present.[3] Molly Weasley also baked a Christmas cake for Christmas supper in 1996, complete with an animated toy penguin figure skating on the icing.[4]


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