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Christmas at Hogwarts (soundtrack)

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Christmas at Hogwarts
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John Williams








Warner Music Group



Christmas at Hogwarts is the 12th composition of John Williams for the 1st movie installment of the Harry Potter series.
It was performed by the London Symphony Orchestra,
City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra in other released albums.

In the movie, it is first heard when the snowfall season takes place. We then see Rubeus Hagrid bearing a freshly cut big pine tree, intended to make Christmas tree as a decoration in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This is followed by a scene where Professor Filius Flitwick is decorating a Christmas tree inside the Great Hall and the arrival of Hermione Granger, while Harry Potter and Ron Weasley are playing Wizard's Chess.

The Lyrics

Merry Christmas, merry Christmas
Ring the Hogwart bell
Merry Christmas, merry Christmas
Cast a Christmas spell
How wonderous the ways of Christmas
Have a merry Christmas Day
Move around the sparkling fire
Have a merry Christmas Day

Find a broomstick in your stocking
Singing you the magic of this place

Join the owls joyous flocking
On this merry Christmas Day

Ding dong, ding dong
Ring the Hogwart bell
(Ring the Hogwart bell)
Ding dong, ding dong
Cast a Christmas spell
Ding dong, ding dong
Make the Christmas morning bright
Fly high across the sky
Light the Christmas night

Merry Christmas, merry Christmas
Ring the Hogwart bell
Merry Christmas, merry Christmas...


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