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"Chocolate. Eat. It'll help."
Professor Remus Lupin[src]

Chocolate is a sweetened confectionery available in both the muggle and wizard worlds. In the case of the latter, it also has special properties, depending on the brand.

Not only does it make a wonderful treat for the consumer, but it serves as a powerful and excellent antidote for the chilling, cold effect produced by contact with Dementors, and other particularly nasty forms of Dark magic. Remus Lupin carried chocolate with him on the Hogwarts Express and gave Harry Potter some after the latter was attacked by a Dementor. When Madam Pomfrey heard that Remus Lupin had given Harry chocolate after his encounter with the Dementor, she nodded approvingly and stated that "at last, we have a Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher who knows his remedies." She herself used a large chunk of Honeydukes chocolate in the hospital wing to treat Harry Potter and Hermione Granger after they and Sirius Black were attacked by several Dementors in 1994. Harry Potter later commented that he never wanted to eat a piece of chocolate for a while afterwards.

Wizard chocolate

A Bertie Bott's Chocolate-Flavoured Bean

A Bertie Bott's Chocolate-Flavoured Bean

Behind the scenes

  • It is possible that chocolate is used to ward off the effects following meeting a Dementor as it has chemicals inside it that release endorphins, which are human chemicals in the body that make a person feel happy.


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