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Species information
Length of average adult

Up to a twentieth of an inch with fangs



Ministry of Magic Classification


A Chizpurfle is a type of very small parasite. Crab-like in appearance, they are up to a twentieth of an inch with fangs. Magic attracts them and they are commonly found in the fur and feathers of Crups and Augureys.

They attack magical objects like wands and cauldrons, gnawing through to the magical core or gorging on the last remnants of potions. In the absence of magic, Chizpurfles attack Muggle items powered by electricity. This explains the sudden failure of various new electrical goods.

Chizpurfle infestations are usually easily handled by patented potions on the market, but more severe infestations need to be dealt with by the Pest Sub-Division of the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures.


The word "Chiz" is an English word for "cheat" or "swindle", persumably a cognate of "chisel". The word "Purfle" is a fur trimming border of a garment.


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