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China is the third largest country in the world and is located in eastern Asia. Its capital is Beijing. Tibet is also located in China.

Muggle world

China is one of the richest and fastest growing powers in the Muggle world.

Wizarding world

Jixi may have had a community of note in the wizarding world, as the Daily Prophet reported on its weather in its international section. Also, many different wand-woods are from here, for instance, Redwood trees grow here, as well as in North America.

Magical History

Cho Chang, a love interest of Harry Potter, is presumably of Chinese heritage. Based on her surname, she is probably from northern China (or the daughter of a northern Chinese immigrant).

Famous wizards hailing from China include the alchemist Dzou Yen and Magic Creature Specialist Quong Po. China is also the native range of the Phoenix, the Chinese Fireball, the Yeti, and the Chinese Chomping Cabbage.


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