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{{Youmay|the type of [[spell]]|the [[Charms (class)|Hogwarts subject]]}}
{{Youmay|the type of [[spell]]|the [[Charms (class)|Hogwarts subject]]}}
[[File:Snape with Hagrid's hut burning HBP.jpg|thumb|200px|right|[[Severus Snape]] using a [[Shield Charm]] against [[Harry Potter]].]]
[[File:Snape with Hagrid's hut burning HBP.jpg|thumb|200px|right|[[Severus Snape]] using a [[Shield Charm]] against [[Harry Potter]].]]

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Snape with Hagrid's hut burning HBP
Severus Snape using a Shield Charm against Harry Potter.
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A charm is a spell that adds certain properties to an object or creature. Charms are distinguished from transfigurations in that a charm adds or changes properties of an object; it focuses on altering what the object does as opposed to what the object is.[1] For example, the Colour Change Charm causes something to flash different colours; the Levitation Charm causes an object to levitate; the Cheering Charm improves upon a creature's mood. An object that has a lasting charm placed on it is called bewitched, though charms in general appear to last longer than other spells.

Harry Potter using the Summoning Charm.
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Charms can be some of the most powerful and game-changing spells in existence. The Fidelius Charm, for example, can completely hide a person or a place in such a way that no one can find them unless they are given the location by a Secret Keeper. Memory Charms can be so strong that they completely remove a person's memory or even damage his or her mind permanently. Spells such as curses, jinxes, and hexes are referred to as "dark charms".[2]

List of Charms

Tumblr l81svp7nGj1qc5fnro1 500
Hermione Granger using Confundo
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Hermione Granger using a Levitation Charm
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Gilderoy Lockhart using a Memory Charm
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The Wand-Lighting Charm
Harry Potter using the Wand-Lighting Charm at Bathilda Bagshot's house.

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