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This is an archive of closed discussions from Category talk:Candidates for deletion from 2012. Please do not modify it. It is here for archival purposes only.

Armand Malfoy

Studying girls

Dobby's shoes

Christian Simpson as Old Fred Weasley

Training grounds way to Quidditch Pitch.

Charity Burbage's wand

Unidentified female snatcher during the Battle of Hogwarts

Unidentified Hogwarts student who fought against a Death Eater with a golden spell

Defence Against the Dark Arts teachers


List of D.A.D.A. teachers


Bean Bonus Room

Jessica Arantes

Beech tree on the edge of the Black Lake

Unidentified male bald Death Eater

Weasley family mark


Sri Lanka

Fall Down of the North Tower

Potter Noyz

Supreme Cores

Hemani Roshan Wand

Anti Dark Mark Spell

Irma Pince Photo?

All of the Unidentified 1996 Quidditch Spectator Students.

Harry Potter Goes To Therapy - Please don't delete this page!

Dracorex Hogwartsia

LEGO Harry Potter: The Original Years


Dora Dobrican

The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Special messengers

Unidentified pensioner

Horcrux discoverers



Wand flexibility

Unidentified male Death Eater killed by a grey haired wizard

Hash Browns

The Simpsons

The Frantic Fluffy Chase


Harry Potter universe

The Casual Vacancy

Hogwarts Muggle Liaison Office

Theo Walcott

Wizarding Families with the Rare Colouring of Blond(e) Hair

Nexus Door

Occlumens, Ligilimens, Mediwitch

The image of Pnasy Parkinson in her 1st year.

Candlelight dinner

Leaky Soup House type articles

The Effects of Inbreeding Within the Wizarding World

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