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This is an archive of closed discussions from Category talk:Candidates for deletion from 2011. Please do not modify it. It is here for archival purposes only.

Lucinda Talkalot, Emma Vanity, Jody Jacknife, Jo King, etc.Edit

Abandoned biro FactoryEdit

Katie Weasley for DeletionEdit

Caroline Ghostwhisper?Edit

Professor Trelawney's inner eyeEdit

The later life of the potters and weasley'sEdit

WTF and My feetsies are stuckEdit

Jay BarrymoreEdit

Zara Malfoy DOES Exist.Edit

Animate-Inanimate & co. TransfigurationsEdit

Another Priori incantatemEdit

Tom Riddle's memory/piece of Voldemort's soul from the diary.Edit

Harry Potter will never endEdit

Protection of HogwartsEdit

Tav (disambiguation)Edit



Tom Riddle's cloak spellEdit

Heir of HufflepuffEdit

Orange Potter and the Deathly AppleEdit

Transylvanian FarmEdit

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