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Known geopolitical entities of the Wizarding World. Having a National Quidditch Team, for example, implies a Wizarding Nation.

Along with the countries below, Denmark is also a confirmed Wizarding Nation, and Saudi Arabia is highly likely to be one as well. (See the pages "Nordic National Quidditch team" and "Ali Bashir" for more information.)

If the whole of Great Britain is seen as one Wizarding Nation, then it can be assumed that there are at least 54 Wizarding Nations in the world.

However, the world map of the wizarding world differs from that of the Muggle world. Like wizarding Great Britain, whose borders include all of the British Isles including Ireland, not all wizarding countries correspond directly to the borders of contemporary Muggle nations. Flanders, Scandinavia and Transylvania, for example, exist as independent countries in the wizarding world, but not in the Muggle world. In this case, the saying "54 Wizarding Nations" would mean the number of Muggle nations in which witches and wizards live in.

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