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"SomeLoveForEmmaWatson" Dear Emma It was very short time which i have passed with you.Many of the words which was i said to you i forget them. I have sent you a brief message.But if my words become known to your ear and my l... ove seem into your heart then i will come to you. Then i will say you this again.And i know my conversation will be good.And if i have some truth in me then you will see me coming.If today is not completing my love then you should think that today is a promise of another day coming soon.Needs of human can be changed but needs of love cannot be changed.And I am a human like you.Love and Love is the need of my heart.

I will come towards you again and again. Doesn't matter if you hate me but i love you.You are My destiny Emma.Just you are.It's starts from you and ends to you.

Tonight my matter was like this.I was walking on your streets.In the darkness of night.There was so much peace around you. A light was there around your house.It's because of your good deeds.The sky was so much clear and was full of stars.Your love is spreading every where. And my heart was stretching towards you.Because i was not able to get in your house.I tried it but i had failed.You had stopped me.

But my soul can enter there.And when you were sleeping i was standing there on the head of bed.You were sleeping. You were looking so cute.Sad face while sleeping.Golden eyes and having an attitude on face. You are so cute.i was standing there for whole night.I can't think there. i was just seeing you.

I just prayed there for you.Your heart was breathing in my heart.And i was getting my self dissolve there.And your eyes was in my eyes.I know you.I know about your happiness and sadness.

Some dreams who saw you during sleeping were mine which i was seeing during day. And i was in you like a lake in mountains.And i saw you real in your self.And i teach to love your real.

How many distance love will cover to reach on you.You are like a sea. You are the example of seasons.That winter does not want spring.I am not asking you that you will discuss after me that he was he was praising you.But you can try to understand my words.Infect i am talking with you in this words.Whose meaning are just inside you.

Many peoples has come towards you. They promise with you.And you gave them a gift for their promise.I am not here to give you a complete promise.But you give me so much love. You give me an excellent moment of your life Emma.Perhaps any one does not have a worthy gift like this.

I love you Emma. I love you as you were sitting in sadness.I love your smiling.I love your little anger.I love your walking.I love your eyes.I love your tears which you hide in your eyes. I just love you all Emma.I love your soul. As you are not with me but your soul is with me. You just have to find it.I want to see you again and again.

I want to grasp your hand in the cool night of winter. I want to give you happiness. I want to care you so much.In a dark night if you fell some fear i want to spent my whole night with you.Just want to see happy.I don't want to give you any pain.If you can give me a chance to see in your eyes i want that time will stop. You are just so sweet.

There is nothing but i feel you so much.I need you. But if you are happy then i am too.But some time i can't bear it.At that time if i see i will start crying.I just want to become the coolness of your eyes.I don't know how long i will alive. But before dieing i want to give you every happiness of my life.I am very thankful to my ALLAH that i am having another day of Love. I love you Emma

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