A cat is a domesticated creature who is used in both the wizarding and Muggle worlds as a pet.

Cats are sometimes kept as pets of witches and wizards. Students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry are allowed to bring, among other animals, a cat as a pet.

Cats are also able to interbreed with Kneazles, and generally have up to eight kittens in every litter. Some wizards and witches make a living by breeding Kneazles or part-Kneazles. Arabella Figg, a Squib, makes her living in this manner.[1]

It is a possible corporeal form of the Patronus Charm.[2][3] Minerva McGonagall's Patronus is a cat. There are also Animagi wizards and witches, some of whom can assume the form of a cat.

Cats in cages in the Magical Menagerie on Pottermore

They could see or detect dementors, as Mr Tibbles was able to inform Mrs Figg.

Types of cats

Known cats

Pure cats

Half-cat half-kneazle

Unspecified genetics

Known cat Patronuses

Known Animagus cats

Behind the scenes

  • In the film of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Vernon Dursley blamed the loud thumping noises made by Dobby on a non-existent family cat. Additionally in this film, the Weasley family's fireplace featured a motif of an orange cat.
  • In addition to having a cat Patronus, Dolores Umbridge seems to have a fondness for kittens (baby or young cats). She owns a set of ornamental plates featuring kittens as well as pink notes with pictures of kittens in the corners, and attached one with the note "To be punished" to a wanted poster of Harry Potter labelling him as "Undesirable Number One".[4] However, she finds the real ones to be of a hassle to take care of, so she only focus on cat-themed decorations.[5]


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