This castle is hidden deep within the Amazon rainforest in northern Brazil. It houses the wizarding school of Castelobruxo.


Described as fabulous, this building is a large, square edifice constructed out of golden rock. It is often compared to a temple. The castle is under an enchantment that makes it appear as a ruin to the few Muggles who chanced upon it. Hogwarts Castle was concealed from Muggles in the same manner, whether it is unknown who first came up with the idea. Ancient ruins have been discovered underneath the school.[1]


Both the castle and grounds of Castelobruxo are protected by the Caipora, which emerge at night to watch over students, as well as the other creatures that inhabited the surrounding rainforest.[2]

Behind the scenes

  • Based on Pottermore's depiction, the Castelobruxo castle resembles a Mesoamerican pyramid. These structures were usually step pyramids with temples on top.
  • The castle being made of golden rock may be in reference to the the various legends of "cities of gold" in Central and South America, such as El Dorado or the City of the Caesars.


Notes and references