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"This cast-a-spell method is quite easy: simply select a spell from the pages of your cast-a-spell handbook, grasp your wand and enter the Cast-a-Spell training room. Then tap on the object you wish to enchant and your spell will be cast. If you make any errors, fear not! The cast-a-spell training room will alert you and provide you with simple instructions for correcting the spell. To choose a new spell, simply return to the cast-a-spell handbook, select your desired spell from the list, and return to the cast-a-spell training room for another go. Soon, you will be delighting your friends and family with your magical talents. Now off you go!"
—The introduction to the Cast-a-Spell Handbook[src]

The Cast-a-Spell Handbook was a spellbook included in the Cast-a-Spell Kit. It provided information on basic bewitchments, including spellcasting techniques, history of the spell, and a few "Essential Tips".[1]



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