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Seize and Pull Charm

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"…which is why the Carpe Retractum spell is useful. It allows you to seize and pull objects within your direct line of sight towards you…"
Filius Flitwick to his third-years in 1993.[src]

Carpe Retractum is a charm that creates a retractable magical rope. This can be used to pull objects within a controlled distance or pull the caster towards the object they affix the charm to. It is usually used for inanimate objects. It is covered in third year Charms and Defence Against the Dark Arts lessons.


  • "Carpe" means "seize" in Latin.
  • "Retractum" is based off the word retract, which means "pull or draw in".

Behind the scenes


The spell as depicted in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban video game.


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