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Caractacus Phelps (b. 1937) was a wizard from Staines, Surrey. On 1 April, 1979, he (a forty-two year-old, at the time) exploded no less than eight-hundred Stink Pellets, by dropping them en-masse from the roof of the Daily Prophet building in Diagon Alley. The resultant gas cloud caused untold discomfort throughout London, and approximately five-hundred cases of Stinkitus were reported. The Muggle authorities explained the stinking cloud away as an unpleasant emission from a nearby factory.


Caractacus comes from Gaelic origin, the name for a British hero who fought the Roman invaders. Caer means "a castle or city"; eacht "an exploit"; and cios, "a tribute".[1] Phelps is related to "Philip", meaning "lover of horses" in Greek.[2]

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  1. Search for Ancestors Caractacus Alternatively, Caractacus may be the Latin form of Caradoc as in Caradoc Dearborn and Cerdic, an early form of Cedric Diggory. [1] [2] [3][4] Surname Origin & Last Name Meaning
  2. Search for Ancestors Philip Surname Origin

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