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Harry Potter author J. K. Rowling. Information that comes directly from her is considered the highest source of canon on the Harry Potter Wiki

Canon is a word used to describe a fixed collection of text. In the Harry Potter Wiki, canon refers to the following:

Texts in their original language, J. K. Rowling's British English and corrected editions are the most valuable.

Information from the Harry Potter films, games, and trading cards are considered canon as long as it does not contradict a higher source.

On the opposite end of the spectrum from canon is fanon, which consists of information, stories and supposition that has been created by fans, but which are not actually addressed in any of the canonical sources listed above.

The canonicity of the short film The Queen's Handbag is uncertain, given that it centres around a major anachronism - the date of Queen Elizabeth II's 80th birthday - and contains other elements that appear to contradict the continuity of the novels and the films.

Rowling was reportedly at work on a Harry Potter Encyclopedia project, but at this point work on it has apparently been discontinued in favour of Pottermore. Nevertheless, should it someday be completed, the information within will presumably be considered canon.

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