Professor McGonagall: "Harry Potter! Thank goodness you`re here! There`s been an accident; a candle has been changed into a rabbit."
Harry: "That certainly sounds like an accident."
Professor McGonagall: "It was a lit candle… and it escaped! I`m afraid it might set fires. I need someone to catch it. And I`m assigning you."
Harry: "How will I know the rabbit when I see it?"
Professor McGonagall: "It`s purple. That`s unusual, even at Hogwarts."
Professor McGonagall conversing with Harry Potter in 1991[src]

This spell was used by an unnamed witch or wizard in the transfiguration course at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It mutated a lit candle into a large purple rabbit, which Professor McGonagall sent first year Harry Potter to retrieve in exchange for a new spell[1].

Behind the scenes

Spell instructed on blackboard

The possible spell

  • In the image to the right, one can see the transfiguration alphabet, underneath a picture of a rabbit; this may be a reference to this spell.


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