A camera is used to take photos. In the wizarding world, photos have the ability to move.


Bozo, Rita Skeeter's photographer, owned one, using it to take pictures of Gilderoy Lockhart in 1992 and the Triwizard champions in 1994 for the Daily Prophet. The camera emitted a cloud of purple smoke with each flash. Colin Creevey's camera is appeared to be a Muggle device, although since it did work at Hogwarts, it must not have had any electrical parts. During Colin's first year he took plenty of pictures of Harry, much to Harry's chagrin. Although the camera is non-magical, the pictures he took do move because he developed them in a special potion. Alternatively, the camera itself may have been a Muggle camera but enchanted to work taking magical photographs. Though many of his fellow students found it annoying, particularly Harry Potter, the camera ended up saving his life one night when he encountered a basilisk; Colin looked at the creature with his camera, presumably while about to take a picture of it, and was saved from it's normally fatal gaze because of the camera lens. The camera itself, however, was destroyed in the process when the basilisk's killing stare burnt up its inner workings.

George Weasley owned a camera, which he was seen holding in the Weasley family photograph taken during their trip to Egypt during the summer of 1993.

If someone watches the eyes of a basilisk through a camera, the person would get petrified but would not die.[1]

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