Bungbarrel Spiced Mead was a brand of spiced mead produced by the Mina Meadery of Aynha from 1572 onward.[1] Having an alcohol content of 34%, hints of liquorice and cherry, it was matured in vintage oak barrels, and, according to the label, "bottled at [the] source."[1] It was registered with the Licensing Wizengamot of Great Britain.[1]

In 1996, Draco Malfoy had Madam Rosmerta, who he had placed under an Imperius Curse, send a poisoned bottle of this mead to Horace Slughorn,[2] thinking that Slughorn would in turn give it to Albus Dumbledore for Christmas. However, Slughorn kept the mead laying around until 1 March of the following year, when he offered a glass of it to Ron Weasley as a pick-me-up after Ron was dosed with Love Potion. Ron went into shock from the poison, and so Harry Potter shoved a bezoar down his throat, saving his life.


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