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==Notes and references==
==Notes and references==
[[fr:Famille Bulstrode]]
[[fr:Famille Bulstrode]]
[[pl:Rodzina Bulstrode]]
[[pl:Rodzina Bulstrode]]

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Bulstrode family
Family heritage
Blood status

was once pure-blood, now half-blood

Notable family members

probably extant

Related families

Black family



Bulstrode is the surname of a wizarding family. They used to be pure-blood[1], but more recent members, such as Millicent Bulstrode, are half-bloods, suggesting that one or multiple members of the Bulstrode family had Muggle or Muggle-born spouses. They are distantly related to the Blacks, the Flints, the Crabbes and the Potters.[2]

Family Members


Bulstrode is an extremely rare surname in the United Kingdom.[3] Its origin is uncertain, but it may be derived from a place name meaning either "fortress on the marsh" (from Old English burh, "fortress", and strod, "marsh"),[4][5] "bull marsh" (from Old English bula, "bull", and strod),[4][5] or "Bur's marsh" (form Bur, the name of a family, and strod).[3] Bulstrode Park is a large park to the northwest of the Buckinghamshire town of Gerrard's Cross in the English Home Counties. Bulstrode is a grumpy, anthropomorphic barge in the Railway Series books, on which the television show Thomas and Friends is based.

Notes and references

  1. Violetta Bulstrode married Cygnus Black II, who lived in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Given that family's attitudes and that her descendants are pure-bloods, Violetta was thus a pure-blood as well.
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