Budleigh Babberton is the village where Horace Slughorn resided at the time of his meeting with Albus Dumbledore and Harry Potter in 1996. It is said that the village is a charming one and that it has a church and few houses. It is most likely located in England.

Behind the scenes

  • There was a milkman who served residents in Budleigh Babberton.
  • Budleigh Salterton in the south west is situated close to Topsham, near the university city where J. K. Rowling studied and began to write her first Harry Potter books.
  • It could also be based on the village of East Budleigh, located up the river from Budleigh Salterton, and a far better candidate for the location, as it is not on the sea, its inland.
  • Baberton is the name of a suburb in Edinburgh - the city where Rowling currently resides.
  • In the movie version of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, the scenes that were set in Budleigh Babberton were filmed in Lacock, Wiltshire.[1]


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Notes and references

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