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Brown Owl (binomial name Strix aluco aluco) is a subspecies of Tawny Owl, commonly found in woodlands across much of Eurasia. Its underparts are pale with dark streaks, and the upperparts are either brown or grey.[1]

Brown Owl is one of several species of owls sold at Eeylops Owl Emporium. One can purchase it for 10 Galleons.[2]

On 22 January, 1995, Harry Potter sent Sirius Black a letter by Brown Owl informing him about the events that he had seen and overheard regarding Barty Crouch (or so he believed at the time), Severus Snape and Mad-Eye Moody (actually Bartemius Crouch Jr.) the night that he visited the Prefects' bathroom to work out his golden egg clue.[3] A brown owl was amongst the owls that delivered hate mail to Hermione Granger in February 1995 following the publication of the article "Harry Potter's Secret Heartache" in Witch Weekly.[4]

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