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Room at the EH
Broom Cupboard
Location information

Entrance Hall, Hogwarts Castle


Argus Filch (possibly)[1]

The Broom Cupboard was a room located in the Entrance Hall of Hogwarts Castle next to front doors. It was used to store brooms and possibly other cleaning products.


Harry Potter and Ron Weasley hid Gregory Goyle and Vincent Crabbe, whom they slipped Sleeping Draughts, in the cupboard in the 1992–1993 school year.

On 6 June, 1994, Harry and Hermione Granger, who had gone back using a Time-Turner, hid in the broom cupboard to avoid their past-selves before following them out into the grounds.


Notes and references

  1. As Filch cannot use magic, it is likely he needs to keep cleaning supplies all over the castle, as a Muggle custodian would.

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