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Bridesmaid Ginevra Weasley in her bridesmaid dress

The role of bridesmaid is a ceremonial position at both Muggle and magical weddings. The role is largely for show, but bridesmaids also traditionally play a central part in preparations for the wedding and help the bride on the day, as the name suggests. There may be either one bridesmaid at a wedding, several bridesmaids, or indeed, none at all. Because bridesmaids are generally chosen by the bride, those who occupy the position are usually close to her - a sister, for instance, or a friend. It is likely that because at least one best man at a magical wedding is known to have become the godfather of the couple's first child, that the bridesmaid normally becomes the godmother of this child also. Bridesmaids are known to wear bright colours that are different to that being worn by the bride.


Bridesmaid Gabrielle Delacour

Known Bridesmaids