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Brazil is the largest country in South America (and also the only one with a primary language of Portuguese, rather than Spanish). Brazil is home to much of the Amazon rainforest. Its capital is Brasília. Both Manaus and Teresina may be cities of note within it that contain a number of wizarding residents, as the Daily Prophet considered their weather of note in its International section.

Magical Beasts and Beings

  • In 1991, Harry Potter talked to a snake that was a boa constrictor of Brazilian descendent. When Harry freed the snake, it left saying: "Brazil, here I come ... Thanksss, amigo."
  • Fire Slugs are native to the Brazilian rainforest.

Magical Education

  • Ron Weasley says that his brother Bill had a pen-friend who attended a wizarding school in Brazil. When his pen-friend wanted him to go on exchange trip, Bill had to decline because his parents could not afford it. Unfortunately, his pen-friend got offended and sent Bill a cursed hat that made his ears shrivel up.

Magical Games and Sports

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