Brazil, officially República Federativa do Brasil ("Federative Republic of Brazil"), is the largest country in both South America and the Latin America region. Its capital city is Brasília.

Magical community

Brazil is apparently home to a wizarding community comparable to that of the United Kingdom. The Amazon rainforest along with the municipalities of Caxambu, Manaus and Teresina may have significant magical populations, as the Daily Prophet saw fit to include forecasts for them in its international weather section.[1]

Magical government

The Brazilian Ministry of Magic[2] is the main governing body among the magical community of Brazil.

Magical education

Castelobruxo,[3] one of the eleven wizarding schools, is located in northern Brazil amid the Amazon rainforest. Young witches and wizards from across South America attend this school.

Magical games and sports

The Brazilian National Quidditch team has won the Quidditch World Cup five times[4] since the 20th century, when it managed to reach the quarter-finals.[5] It was a finalist in the 1982 Quidditch World Cup and the runner-up of the 2014 Quidditch World Cup.

Quodpot, a variant of Quidditch, is immensely popular in North and South America, which might include Brazilian wizarding community.

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