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Brass Cauldron
Object information

Potage's Cauldron Shop



"Whatever you're brewing, from the Draught of Living Death to the Forgetfulness Potion, this cauldron is ideal for witches and wizards of all abilities."
—Advert at Potage's Cauldron Shop.[src]

A Brass Cauldron is a cauldron made from brass, an alloy of copper and zinc.

A Standard Size 2 Brass Cauldron is used to brew potions more efficently than a Pewter Cauldron of same size.[1] One could purchase a Standard Size 2 Brass Cauldron at Potage's Cauldron Shop, at a cost of twenty-one Galleons.[1] Out of the three common varieties of cauldron - copper, brass and pewter - brass cauldrons brew at a medium speed.


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