Boris Vulchanov was a Bulgarian wizard and a Beater on the 2014 Bulgarian National Quidditch team. His father Pyotr Vulchanov played in the 1994 Quidditch World Cup final.[1]


Vulchanov was quoted in Ginny Potter's article on the semi-final match between Bulgaria and Japan, saying "We've been underdogs all through this tournament. We have nothing to lose and everything to win. We'll leave everything out there.". It was in this game that Vulchanov flew deliberately in front of a Bludger to protect his team's Seeker Viktor Krum, who was in pursuit of the Snitch. Vulchanov was knocked out cold and fell from his broom, only to be saved by Japanese Seeker Noriko Sato. Krum, seeing Sato's temporary vulnerability and inability to compete for the Snitch, pulled up and waited for her instead of using this to his advantage. All three consequently received a standing ovation from the audience for their excellent display of sportsmanship, one no one watching would be likely to forget.


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