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Bob: "All right, Arthur?"
Arthur Weasley: "What've you got there, Bob?"
Bob: "We're not sure. We thought it was a bog-standard chicken until it started breathing fire. Looks like a serious breach of the Ban on Experimental Breeding to me."
— Bob meets Arthur Weasley in the morning of 12 August, 1995[src]

Bob was a wizard who worked at the Ministry of Magic. He was described as big and bearded.

Arthur Weasley and Harry Potter ran into Bob while waiting for a lift in the Ministry lobby in 1995. He was carrying a large cardboard box that contained a fire-breathing chicken he suspected was a serious violation of the Ban on Experimental Breeding. When the lift arrived, he got on with Arthur and Harry, and exited at the floor of the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. Arthur Weasley appeared to be friends with Bob.

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