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"Brazil, here I come. Thanksss, amigo."
Boa constrictor in Parseltongue[src]

This boa constrictor was a large brown snake that lived at the Zoo. It escaped after the glass on its enclosure vanished.


Most of the boa constrictor's early life is unknown; it was bred in captivity at the zoo, at around 1991 or earlier. It remained inside its tank, waiting to go back to his home in Brazil.

All this changed in June 1991. After Dudley saw the snake and became uninterested, the snake came in contact with Harry Potter, a Parselmouth, who spoke to it and then accidentally vanished the glass front of its tank. The snake slithered free, thanking Harry and telling him that it was going to Brazil, the native range of its species.

Personality and traits

Lonely and bored, the snake found it highly annoying to have zoo visitors tap on the tank's glass front every day. He had also always dreamed of living in Brazil.

Behind the scenes


Harry Potter talks to the snake


The snake


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