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  • Lillybopeep

    8th Book?

    February 13, 2016 by Lillybopeep

    Ok, who else here is excited for the 8TH BOOK COMING OUT THIS SUMMER??!!!!!!!!????? I mean, I think most people that belong to this fandom will agree with me! But... What will it be about? I mean, there is no more Voldemort, and his allies are probably not so enthusiastic about committing evil any more. Will it be in the future, like the epilogue in 2017, which would be weird considering it hasn't even happened yet! Share your theories in the comments with me, please! Also, I know I will be sure to be first in line to buy the book!

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  • Saga essenstein

    Scorose No

    February 13, 2016 by Saga essenstein

    I don't think Scorose should be shipped. God, that would be a NIGHTMARE!!! Do you know how mad Ron would be, how infuriated Draco would be ("my father will hear abou this!") and how...well, Hermione would probably be grossed out too. And Rose? Well, there are all these fanfics where Rose does end up with Scorpius, but I like the ones that my friends and I write where Rose beats Scorpius in every test and also insults him at every opportunity, with help from her cousins James, Fred, and Al. I think that's such a good variety, better at least than the cliché love stuff where the good guy ends up with the bad guy (or in this case the good GIRL). So for all you horrible people out there: I do not ship Scorose!

    P. S. Rose is Gryffindor too, of c…

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  • Asnow89
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  • ElliezzzRulezzz

    hello peoplez

    February 13, 2016 by ElliezzzRulezzz

    elliezzzrulezzz you suck tribuewitch07:28, January 29, 2016 (UTC)07:28, January 29, 2016 (UTC)07:28, January 29, 2016 (UTC)07:28, January 29, 2016 (UTC)07:28, January 29, 2016 (UTC)07:28, January 29, 2016 (UTC)07:28, January 29, 2016 (UTC)07:28, January 29, 2016 (UTC)07:28, January 29, 2016 (UTC)07:28, January 29, 2016 (UTC)07:28, January 29, 2016 (UTC)07:28, January 29, 2016 (UTC)07:28, January 29, 2016 (UTC)07:28, January 29, 2016 (UTC)07:28, January 29, 2016 (UTC)07:28, January 29, 2016 (UTC)07:28, January 29, 2016 (UTC)07:28, January 29, 2016 (UTC)07:28, January 29, 2016 (UTC)07:28, January 29, 2016 (UTC)07:28, January 29, 2016 (UTC)ElliezzzRulezzz (talk)

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  • Big Brother 99

    I have something fun and cool regarding Harry Potter and it is called the Sorting House Quiz.

    So if you want to see what house you belong in, go to this link to do so.

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  • Gcheung28

    Funko is known for their tiny and adorable pop culture replicas, but Harry Potter fans are in for a treat...more HP vinyl figures!! If you want to shell out the cash, you can get Triwizard contestant Harry, Draco Malfoy, a Dementor, Luna Lovegood, and more. If you're looking to bring back all the feels, get ready for our favorite addition to the collection...

    DOBBY! We just can't handle this. He's even holding a tiny little sock in his hand! Well played, Funko, well played! We need this on our desk right now, but the new figures aren't available until March. Start the countdown!

    Source: Nerdist

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  • AnimeGirlChan

    I'm new a bit fufufu

    February 13, 2016 by AnimeGirlChan

    Hello! I am a fan of Harry Potter... I will usually read info in this wikia and do a little editing... That's all for me, sayonara!

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  • Movimationguy

    What do you think?

    February 13, 2016 by Movimationguy

    I'm kind of new on this wiki and I'm a little nervous as to how I should make edits here. I've normally edited on the Disney Wiki. While it's popular, this one seems to be one of the big boys in comparison. I feel as though articles here have to be edited carefully without butchering them. I'm concerned as to how I should start with edits and how to continue. I also wanted to list this as one of my favorite wikis, so I needed something to start with here.

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  • Big Brother 99

    {{Actor infobox |name=Alan Rickman |image= |bgcolor1= |bgcolor2= |birthname=Alan Sidney Patrick Rickman |born=21 February, 1946, South Hammersmith, London, England |died=14 January, 2016 (aged 69) |nationality=British |residence= |gender=Male |eyes=Hazel |hair=Grey |height=6' 1"

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  • Brian Linder

    Alan Rickman Has Died

    February 13, 2016 by Brian Linder

    So very sad to post this here, but I know the fan community will want to honor him: 

    Alan Rickman Has Died

    Alan Rickman has died at the age of 69, the UK’s Guardian reports.  Rickman, beloved byHarry Potter fans around the world for his portrayal of Professor Severus Snape, had been suffering from cancer.


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  • Hulk10

    Thoughts on dragons

    February 13, 2016 by Hulk10

    I think the Horntail should have had four legs in the movie. Its still my favorite dragon in the series though.

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  • Repello.Muggletum.2016

    To All Muggles

    February 13, 2016 by Repello.Muggletum.2016


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  • Witnessme
    This is not a drill! I repeat: this is NOT a drill! We finally have our first look at the prequel series set in the Harry Potter universe. The Fantastic Beasts film opens in 1926 as Newton Scamander has just completed a global excursion to find and document an extraordinary array of magical creatures. It follows Scamander and his adventures in both the wizarding and No maj worlds.

    And not only do we get a teaser trailer, but also an official poster release!
    I'm super excited about meeting and falling in love with this new cast of characters. Are you? Comment below!
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  • Fructosejerv0412

    Good Job Ginny

    February 13, 2016 by Fructosejerv0412

    It was nice of Ginny to stand up to that cowardly cow Malfoy in Diagon Alley. It was also brave of her to argue with her brother Ron on his tendency to try and get Fleur to kiss him. You go, girl! No surprise, in the end she was with Harry, but during the Yule Ball, she went with Neville which was quite surprising.

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  • Heidi2312

    English project

    February 13, 2016 by Heidi2312

    In english, we have to do an exposé on our passion. My friend and I chose: Why is Hogwarts the best school of all time? I am a big Harry Potter fan, and I would like to know why YOU think Hogwart is better than others. 

    Thank you xxx Heidi

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  • Mee.bee3

    Hogwarts Is Here

    February 13, 2016 by Mee.bee3

    Hogwarts has come to the Muggle world! I've been going to Hogwarts for a couple of months already, and I'm learning a lot! Check 'em out!

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  • FishTank
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  • Big Brother 99
    “Harry Potter” fans who are missing the wizarding world introduced in J.K. Rowling’s books may be comforted by the newly released images from “prequel” film “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” which takes place in New York 70 years before we meet Harry and his friends.

    “Fantastic Beasts” is based on the Hogwarts textbook of the same name and follows the adventures of its author, Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayne), who is described as a “magizoologist” — someone who studies magical creatures. The adaptation was penned by Rowling — marking her first screenplay — and directed by David Yates, who helmed the last four “Harry Potter” movies.

    Entertainment Weekly has revealed the first photos from the film, which feature Redmayne and co-stars K…

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  • Witnessme

    New Fantastic Beasts Stills

    February 13, 2016 by Witnessme
    Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly and Pottermore, here is your first look at Katherine Waterston as Porpentina "Tina" Goldstein, Eddie Redmayne as Newton Scamander, Alison Sudol as Queenie Goldstein, and Dan Fogler as Jacob Kowalski.
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  • Novalie101


    February 13, 2016 by Novalie101

    For halloween I was Hermione Granger. My mom made it for me. Lots of people like it so much they wanted a picture.

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  • 763492

    Hello, I'm new here.

    I have three questions about both The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Universal Parks & Resorts (the same team who jointly brought you TWWoHP, along side with J.K. Rowling and Warner Bros.)

    1. What if Universal and Warner Bros. could think of making an entire Harry Potter-theme park at, maybe, London, England, UK, which it would have many Harry Potter-exclusive attractions and theme lands throughout?

    2. What if Universal Studios Singapore would have The Wizarding World of Harry Potter section someday?

    3. I know this question's not relevant to Harry Potter franchise, but it has something to do with it. So what if Universal Parks & Resorts would think of making thier animal theme park, which it would be an equivalent of and a…

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  • Doctor714

    Snape, Snape...

    February 13, 2016 by Doctor714

    ...Severus Snape. Snape, Snape, Severus Snape. Dumbledore! Snape, Snape, Severus Snape. Dumbledore! Ron, Ron, Ron WEASLEY! Hermione, Hermione! Hermione, Hermione, Hermione! Harry Potter, Harry Potter, UH! Harry Potter, Harry Potter, yeah! Harry Potter, Harry Potter, UH! Harry Potter, Harry Potter,uh! Snape! Harry! Snape! Harry! Snape! Harry! Snape! Harry! Snape! Harry! Snape! Harry! DUMBLEDORE!!! Heeeeermione I'm Harry Potter, Harry, Harry Potter. I'm Harry Potter, Harry, Harry Potter.

    Singing our song, all day long at Hogwarts!

    Ron: I found the source of the ticking! It's a pipe bomb! Harry and Hermione: Yay! (Dumbledore and Snape look at each other) (Ticking stops, a huge, fake looking explosion happens. Chunks of pup…

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  • Book Nerd4


    February 13, 2016 by Book Nerd4

    I have been reading a new book series recently called Throne of glass. Its a lot like Harry Potter. If you like Hp you will like this read the book and follow Throne of Glass wiki

    LOVE Who do you ship in Harry Potter? Im a huge Hinny fan and think I will always ship them.

    GTG bye

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  • Romione123

    Hi Everybody!

    February 13, 2016 by Romione123
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  • Billy Cope

    Albus Severus Potter

    February 13, 2016 by Billy Cope

    Albus Potter is on the Hogwarts Express, excited to finally be going to Hogwarts and nervous about his Sorting. Suddenly, a boy with a pale pointed face, blond hair, and gray eyes came in. Albus reconized him as Scorpio Malfoy. 

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  • SophieNJake496

    I am so hungry! ....Wait..... this ain't how a blog post goes is it? DARN IT I MESSED UP MY BLOG! *sigh* you guys can leave now......

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  • Legoman27


    February 13, 2016 by Legoman27

    I heard some Actors/Actresses go on Pottermore, and i was wondering which ones do, and what are there usernames, if anyone knows.

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  • MrBlonde267

    From talking animals to vampire queens, who is the most weirdly awesome character in pop culture?! Fans from across Wikia can nominate and vote on characters from movies, TV shows, and games until the final head-to-head battle to determine which is the ultimate fan favorite! Start rallying your fandoms to crown the all time favorite weirdly awesome character!

    Click here to nominate your favorite weirdly awesome character!

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  • PatrickCunningham

    Greetings citizens of the world . Anonymous Wiki needs your help. The homepage needs help & we need to repair the slideshow on the homepage and we cannot do it without your help. Need make more articles & we need your help. Please accept this invitation. You do not have to but you can

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  • Witnessme
    Potterheads, have you heard the latest?

    Principal photography has begun on “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them," the next Warner Bros. picture in the Harry Potter film series. Director David Yates began filming this past Monday, August 17th, at Warner Bros. Studios in Leavesden, Hertfordshire, England.

    So, tell me, are you excited? Or do you still have your doubts??
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  • Harrypotterwitch2003

    Hey, so I want to know your favourite HP characters and why. 

    My favourite is Sirius Black. Sirius Black is my favourite because at first you thought he was some evil person that wanted to kill Harry. Then when they found him and Lupin in the shrieking shack with Scabbers (Peter Pettigrew) you kind of though why does he want Ron's rat. Then as they explained and Harry, Hemionie and Ron saw Peter Pettigrew you realised why he broke into the Gryffindor common room. Then you grow to like him and he turned out to be my favourite. I like the whole you thik he is evil but then he turns out to be a caring godfather. 

    So that was my favourite HP character whats yours

    See ya!

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  • Asnow89
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    February 13, 2016 by MSPCPMH

    Uh, hello. My last blog post was rather off-topic, so can we cast a memory charm for that?

    Anyways, does anybody know the day that Harry casted Sectumsempra on Draco?

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  • 333critic

    To all fanfic writers

    February 13, 2016 by 333critic

    If you are to write a fanfic with Fred and George Weasly that takes place in another universe than the books there is one thing you must NEVER EVER DO!!!

    Kill Fred Weasly. His death is one of the most devastating of the fandom. Even Mrs.Weasly, in her worst nightmares, could not imagine Fred and George separated. When the bogarrt turned into the dead twins, they were TOGETHER! So if Fred and George can be together let them (not in a romantic way).

    Comment if you agree!

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  • Teryn n Lizzie

    Weasley Birthdays

    February 13, 2016 by Teryn n Lizzie

    In all my exploring about Harry Potter party ideas, treats, other foodstuffs, etc., I've never seen anything about what Mrs. Weasley would have done for her children on their birthdays. A friend and I got to talking and had some ideas. We'd love to know what the rest of the Potterverse thinks!

    We had so many ideas coming at us so fast (there may have been some Fire Whiskey involved!) and limited ourselves with a few perameters. We decided to say to ourselves, "OK. First birthday for each of the kids. We don't really know too much about the kids interests at this point in their young lives, so it will need to be based very much on Mrs. Weasley herself." Molly is a truly phenomenal character. As storybook moms tend to be, she is full of love …

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  • Molly weasley5678

    why did snape die

    February 13, 2016 by Molly weasley5678
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  • Gcheung28

    We were all elated to hear the Harry Potter franchise was continuing with a Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them trilogy, but now there's more cause for celebration! According to Deadline, Eddie Redmayne is now in talks with Warner Bros. to appear in the prequel! Known for Les Miserables, Theory of Everything, Jupiter Ascending, and more, Redmayne is one of our favorite actors and we would be so excited to see him in the world of Harry Potter! For people new to the story, the new film series is based on Newton Scamander's book by the same name and takes place 70 years before the Harry Potter films.

    Eddie Redmayne might be in talks but nothing has been confirmed! If he doesn't get the part (and we emphasize the 'if'), which actor would YOU love t…

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  • RinneSharingan

    Disclaimer: This blog is for speculation exclusively. All theories are mostly mine, which is to say they are composites of several theories I've read plus a bit of my own speculation.

    One of the details that has bothered me for many years is: what happened on October 31, 1981 after Voldemort attempted to kill Harry? When you think about it, we're actually never told clearly what happened for the next 24 hours, just bits and pieces. In this blog I shall expose most of my insane ramblings plus some details callously ripped from other theories.

    Firstly: how was the second floor of the Potter cottage blown hallfway open? Some guys already discussed something that really struck out to me: we are accustomed to seeing what happens when the Killing …

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  • Asnow89
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  • KotaTheBear

    Crossover thingy

    February 13, 2016 by KotaTheBear
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  • 1337star

    Today Pottermore has rolled out a major update. Rather than adding new features, such as chapters from Deathly Hallows (the only book on the site yet to be released) or the long-teased Patronus test, this updates has removed features. These features include the Pottermore Insider blog, commenting features, the ability to upload fan art, and the ability to update your status. According to the new site update page, these features were removed because they were "no longer properly serving the interests of our users" and claims that it had become impossible to monitor comments and drawings and still insure the safety and privacy of all users. These somewhat radical changes, which were done without prior warning, were noted to have been approved…

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  • Lukeisfobaf

    Marauders = Golden Trio?

    February 13, 2016 by Lukeisfobaf

    Today I came to the realization that there is obviously a correlation between the Marauders and the main characters in the canon books.

    Obviously, Harry is James "Prongs" Potter. No need to explain the connection to you (I hope).

    Next, we have Sirius "Padfoot" Black. Who could possibly be the slightly mischievous best friend to our Potter? Answer: Ronald Weasley, a.k.a. Ron "red head arachnophobic" Weasley, best friend of our Harry Potter. The connection is nearly as obvious as Harry is to James.

    Next, we move on to Remus "Moony" Lupin, a.k.a. the smartest student in the Marauders generation, best friends to the mischievous best friends Padfoot & Prongs. And who fits that description perfectly? Miss Hermione Granger herself.

    These three main c…

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  • Michael.hatch

    If Lord Voldemort wanted to be immortal why didn't he go and kill Nicholas Flamel and drink the Eilixer of life from the scorcers stone?

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  • Newuser10

    Oh the Great Outdoors

    February 13, 2016 by Newuser10

    How I like to be here, Hogwarts.

    - Why.?

    - Well. If you concentrate, I wanna show you, something.

    - Please, focus. ¡Alocus!

    Hello, I am your professor for this lesson. What I'v shown is just a alohomora of Herbology. You see, what you see ; is veritaserum .  

    - The spaces in a Cube; are the emptyness. Anahata ; ; 2 : follow . 1. 2, 3,4, 5, 6 , 7 ,8 9, and 10. ; That means over. 

    - ¿Wingardium leviossa!

    - It's leviossa.

    - ¿Wingardium leviossa!

    - Veritasserumissimo. Solid gold Dear ; this lifts me in a manner never been told. I've been here in travelling through The time. 

    - I'm very much well pleased ; To Tell You the Truth y. y do u have to travell back in time ? Truth.

    - Mr. Strongskrumnp. Who is it you've been abput? Say to me. Now.

    - ¡My wand!

    - ¿Ag…

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  • Asnow89

    Scholastic just released the cover for the first illustrated Harry Potter book, which will be released in October (you can pre-order the books here!).

    We cannot WAIT to get our hands on that copy! Check out the illustrated cover here...

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  • Love Lucius 4ever


    I'm new here so, yeah...

    Some things you should know about me are:

    • I'm a writer and you can find some of my work here:
    • I'm totally in love with Jason Isaacs!!!
    • My dream is to 1) Meet Jason Isaacs and 2) Revive Lord Voldemort and be his most loyal Death Eater 
    • I love to draw pictures of Lucius, Draco, Snape, and Bellatrix
    • Family is VERY important to me
    • If you insult someone I love (like Jason Isaacs)... I will find you
    • I'm enjoying my teenage years!!!

    Yup, that sums me up pretty well.

    Please follow me on!!!

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    Today is Friday

    February 13, 2016 by KASEN FREAK NOVEL

    Yesterday was full of sadness and a bit of desperation to me. I'm not kidding because I'm just telling the truh, really. I don't want to mention that TRAGEDY again I still gained new experiences and events. Some poeple might think that they're normal and not that special. Or, they start chatting that I am too arrogant. But, I believe those 'new experiences' absolutely have a heavy importance. Searching for colleges for preparing my future. Well done! They're significant even I would prefer Hogwarts, haha. 

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  • Asnow89

    Ron and Hermione made it to round THREE of our 2015 Couples Bracket Tournament. They are up against Tidus & Yuna from Final make sure you rally the potterheads and GO VOTE!!!!!

    Click HERE to vote now!

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  • ImADinosaurMEOW

    Hi guys! Addilyn Lovegood here. I just decided to start this blog, well, because I love Harry Potter! I have been reading the books since I was 5, (I am 17 now). I am still continuing to read the series, even though I have read it many many times before. I was just gonna recommend you people start Habbo. They have an AMAZING Hogwarts roleplay system. It is created mainly by someone who goes by FiendFyre. They are all amazing. If you guys wanna add me, (I think my membership just ran out) my username is rockerbbboo. Thanks for reading my first blog! I'll keep ya posted ;3

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    What You Love Wiki

    February 13, 2016 by MSPCPMH

    I'm sorry, lol, this was off-topic and so I don't want it .-.

    I don't mean to advertise, but you should join the What You Love Wiki! You can make pages on anything in the world!! It would be greatly enjoyed if you would check it out!!!

    Tell me , doesn't Draco Malfoy have feelings too? ♥ -MSPCPMH

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