• Nordic child

    Hey,I'm Ellis. I am sorted Gryffindor, I love Sirius Black, and I am still waiting for my lost Hogwarts letter.

    Soooooo, Basicly I love Harry Potter. I have A HUGE crush on Newt Scammander. Any TRACE oof him in the book I will go crazy over. I hope this year (or the rest of it at least) is fun. I am still exploreing the wiki bt I will get there!

    Yours Truly,


    Nordic child

    P.S. Sorry if this dosen't work right I am still tring to figure things out. Bear with me. Thanks.

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  • Lord Soldemort

        There are many people at Hogwarts here are some estimations of how many people are there...

    Students at Hogwarts

    We know from the Harry Potter Books that there are about 5 - 6 Gryffindor boys in Harry's Year, so we can times that number by 2 to get all the Girls and Boys in Gryffindor house in Harry's Year than we can times this number by 7 to find all the people in Gryffindor House than we can times this by 4 to get all the kids in all the Houses at Hogwarts...

    Which comes to these numbers:

    Estimation of Kids at Hogwarts
    336 with 6 boys in Harry's year in Gryffindor

    280 with 5 boys in Harry's year in Gryffindor  

    Which would make sense with all Classes being with two houses in them... 

    Teachers and Others at Hogwarts

    there are 13 classes at Hog…

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  • Kintobor

    I hope that there will be no film adaptation of it. Also, the movie spinoffs of Harry Potter are completely unnecessary. I wish they never made it into the production.

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  • Emmy290


    November 26, 2018 by Emmy290

    I want to know if there is a discord. if there is one tell me, please.

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  • Unicorn22

    Fantastic Beasts 2 Ships!

    November 25, 2018 by Unicorn22

    Norvus (Nagini + Corvus): I mentioned in an earlier post that this ship is not canonical (and people who have read my anti-ship rants may have noticed that I only condemned non-canonical ships), but there’s a spark in Corvus’ mysterious heart that makes me realize that he and Nagini could work (unless Nagini gets trapped in snake form, of course). Nagini probably doesn’t know that Corvus has a crush on her, but he might tell her.

    Quacob (Queenie + Jacob): Listen, I KNOW for a fact that a marriage between Queenie and Jacob is illegal and I also know that Queenie’s alliance with Grindelwald will take up most, if not all of, her time, but Queenie and Jacob are such cheerful people. They are extremely happy when they are around each other. Also…

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  • Unicorn22

    Toward the end of Fantasic Beasts 2, we see Nicolas Flamel. He was called on to stop Grindelwald from destroying a Parisian graveyard, but when he gets there he does nothing. Right after he gets there, we go to the adult Newt Scamander & Friends Hogwarts scenes.

    So please,can anyone explain why we just reintroduce an old character and when their time to do something important comes, we skip to a new setting?

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  • Unicorn22

    Theories About Corvus

    November 25, 2018 by Unicorn22

    In Fantastic Beasts 2, we were introduced to Corvus, a boy longing to discover his past and his name. It was revealed that Corvus is a Dumbledore but is being hunted by Grindelwald because he is capable of extremely powerful dark magic.

    I believe that Corvus is going to have to pick Dumbledore or Grindelwald’s side. It will be a mental battle of family vs. the only guy who understands me. I think it’ll take awhile for Corvus to discover that Grindelwald is a liar, for Grindelwald has deceived however many people showed up at his conference (probably 750).

    Corvus is in love with Nagini, who is a Maledictus. She has the ability to turn into a snake, but will one day stay in snake form. She was in snake form when we met her in the Harry Potter …

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  • Unicorn22

    Dumbledore and Grindelwald were friends for a long time, but when Dumbledore realized he had to kill Grindelwald for the world’s well-being, how did he feel? I imagine he felt righteous after doing the deed, for he saved many innocent muggles from being meaninglessly murdered. But I also believe he felt sad, for he had just murdered his best friend and first crush.

    What do you think? Share your theories in the comments.

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  • Unicorn22

    The Logic Behind Romione

    November 25, 2018 by Unicorn22

    The reason why Romione is arguably the best relationship in the Harry Potter fandom is because not only did Ron and Hermione know each other for so long, they have corresponding Patronuses. Ron’s patronus is a Jack Russell terrier. Hermione’s patrnous is an otter. Jack Russell terriers chase otters.

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  • Ligia Vázquez
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    , brave, courageous, daring, adventurous, chivalrous – those are the traits of a true Gryffindor. Gryffindors fight for what is right and they are usually the ones at the head of the pack when it comes to doing something brave or something that takes nerve. Most Gryffindors have several other good qualities that often make them well-suited to other houses. However, they choose Gryffindor because that is where they want to be.


    Knowledge, creativity, intelligence, wisdom, and cleverness – those are the qualities of a Ravenclaw. The smartest and most clever people can be found in this house. They always strive to do what is wise. They also have a good sense of humor and are often quirky. They lead through wisdom and they will…

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  • Master of Energy

    Talk Page

    November 19, 2018 by Master of Energy

    How do you turn a message wall into a talk page?

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  • Smv21

    Fantastic Beasts Movie Ranking

    November 16, 2018 by Smv21

    1. Crimes of Grindelwald

    2. Where to Find Them

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  • Cutie1200101


    November 15, 2018 by Cutie1200101

    I'm sure we all know Madame Pomfrey from the Harry Potter series. She is the Herbology Proffessor at Hogwarts, and is also Head of Hufflepuff.

    ~Under Construction~

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  • Rrrockio

    Great news: Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is a nominee for the Google Play Fan Favorite Game of 2018! This award puts the power in the communities’ hands, allowing fans like the ones on this wiki to vote for and support their favorite game. The voting for the Fan Favorite Game Award runs through November 26.

    Cast your ballot now on Google Play. Check out the full list of nominees below.


    Join Trainers across the globe who are discovering Pokémon as they explore the world around them. Pokémon GO is the global gaming sensation that has been downloaded over 800 million times and named "Best Mobile Game" by The Game Developers Choice Awards and "Best App of the Year" by TechCrunch.


    From the creators of Clash of Clans comes a real-ti…

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  • Kevwikiarockus

    Hogwarts subjects list:

    Core (1st to 5th year):   

    Astronomy, Charms, Defence against the Dark Arts, Flying (1st year only), Herbology, History of Magic (only an O.W.L. exam), Potions and Transfiguration.

    Elective (3rd year on);  two or more choices:   

    Alchemy (only a N.E.W.T. exam), Apparition (6th and 7th year), Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, Care of Magical Creatures, Healing Magic and Muggle Studies.

    Optional (3rd year on):

    Art, Divination and Music


    Ordinary Wizarding Levels (O.W.L.s) in 9 to 12 subjects, Apparition Test (April of the 6th or 7th year), Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Tests (N.E.W.T.s) in 1 to 7 subjects.

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  • CosmicChronos

    HPW Analysis

    November 11, 2018 by CosmicChronos


    I'd like to first point out that, I got this information from the Community Council, I'm a councillor there.

    Now that that's out of the way, I'd like to show you this very interesting analysis ()of the situation concerning viewership on the HPW. It shows how popular different platforms are, and how we could improve to make this wiki more accessible to those platforms. I don't agree with everything, but I see some interesting ideas and proposals in the document, that I'd like to discuss with the people here.

    (I'd advise you to read the Analysis parallel to my blog)

    As we can see in the document, Gellert Grindelwald is the most visited page in October, this is not strange with the upcoming release of on 16 November (in the UK and USA). Ot…

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  • Smv21

    1. The Prisoner of Azkabahn

    2. The Deathly Hallows Part 2

    3. Goblet of Fire

    4. The Sorcerer's Stone

    5. Half-Blood Prince

    6. The Deathly Hallows Part 1

    7. Chamber of Secrets

    8. Order of the Pheonix

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  • Wlac

    I Just felt for writing this now....

    My theory about the very last Fantastic Beast movie: We will meet Luna Lovegood before or after her hogwarts years. I think it could be possible since Newt is her grandfather-in-law.  Maybe Newt want to make sure the magical beast will be taken care of in the future too after Newt die because Newt is at the time Luna live old?  Newt end up as a kind of "teacher" for Luna, almost the same as Albus Dumbledore was for Harry.... And this is why Luna end up working as a magizoologist too... because of all the stuff Newt have told and teach her and she felt sad if the beast not have proper rights. She make a promise with Newt about to protect and care for the beast too and make sure they will be taken care of …

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  • Imperator Andronicus

    It shouldn’t be. Be grateful for what you have. Lab Rats fans had their show ended on a very bad cliffhanger. 

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  • Sammm鯊


    October 28, 2018 by Sammm鯊

    Previously I was just playing around and documenting it under one of my user test pages; was and still am bored, so trying to see how it'd be like should HM has its own character portal like HP and FB. Relocating as a blog post since there's little to update until there's actual stuff to update. =P

    ]](talk) 01:34, October 12, 2018 (UTC)
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  • Unicorn22

    Lily should have married Snape because James Potter was a bully and marrying Lily would have made Snape much happier than he was in the series. Also, Lily had known Snape for longer than she had known James. Although the series would not involve Harry Potter if Snily was canonical, it would have been a beautiful relationship to see.

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  • Unicorn22

    Why Linny is the worst

    October 27, 2018 by Unicorn22

    Sorry for another anti-ship post, but I have now discovered Linny. Whoever invented it does NOT understand that Ginny is straight (Luna’s sexuality is unknown, but she would never date a straight woman if she was gay). If you have any pro-Linny statements, please comment.

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  • Unicorn22

    I have recently discovered a ship worse than Dramione: Drarry.

    Drarry is Harry+Draco. This alone should tell you that whoever created it needs to reread EVERY Harry Potter book.

    But if you need an explanation, here it is. 1. Harry Potter is straight. 2. Harry and Draco are mortal enemies.

    (I apologize to anyone who religiously ships Drarry. Also, if you can tell me Drarry is not absolute hogwash created by an institutionalized crackpot, please do so.)

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  • Sammm鯊

    Previously I was just playing around and documenting it under one of my user test pages; but at the moment I reached to a point where there's nothing left to adjust, and am genuinely confused about the outcome, so relocating it here as a blog post. I'll enable comments because I am rather curious about other people's thoughts on the matter, but I can't guarantee I'll see/notice the hypothetical comments in a timely fashion.

    It started because I wonder if I can piece out the 1994 Quidditch World Cup tournament bracket partially, base on the given info by Charlie in and props from . It's just so I can get a better picture of the tournament as a whole. What I got:

    • Argentina
    • Australia
    • Brazil
    • France
    • India
    • Japan

    • Luxembourg > Scotland
    • Portugal
    • Spain
    • Transyl…

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  • Sammm鯊


    October 6, 2018 by Sammm鯊

    Just need a place to document it down before actually posting it as a blog post elsewhere. But yeah, since it'd be a blog, that's why I'm using this namespace instead of the usual user namespace.

    It's mostly rant. And it'd not be in English lol.

    For now it'd just be a bunch of list of the subject I'd be ranting about.

    Also, I'm not claiming to know anything about translatology, and I do have respect for professional translators, but I'm just saying, as a reader, I've found severe dissatisfaction and disconnection, that led me to abandon reading a specific translation altogether.

    1. Character's name in English (original)
    2. Etymology of said character's first name
    3. Official traditional Chinese translation of said etymology
    4. Official traditional Chinese tr…
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  • Unicorn22

    Luna Ate A Dirigible Plum

    September 18, 2018 by Unicorn22

    Luna Lovegood has eaten a Dirigible Plum. And here is the proof.

    Dirigible plums grow in Luna’s garden. If someone eats one, they will have an enhanced ability to accept the extraordinary. This is Luna’s greatest skill. So she probably ate enough of them to accept the extraordinary for the rest of her life. Either that or Xenophilius raised her that way.

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  • Unicorn22

    The Crumple-Horned Snorkack is a creature frequently mentioned by Luna Lovegood. Its existence is doubted by some and encouraged by others. I am one of the doubters.

    The Crumple-Horned Snorkack horn in Luna Lovegood’s house was actually an Erumpent horn. Although Luna and Xenophilius have hunted for Snorkacks, it is never said if they saw any.

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  • Unicorn22

    Because Remus Lupin is not a metamorphagus, there is a possibly that Teddy won’t be. But Remus was a werewolf. Did Teddy inherit that?

    It would be super awesome to have a metamorphagus werewolf but since Remus and Tonks died in the Battle of Hogwarts, Teddy would probably be in an orphanage and have no one to teach him how to control his powers. Unless he gets lucky.

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  • Unicorn22

    Dramione is by far the stupidest ship. Why? Let me list the reasons.

    1. It is completely non-canon. Hermione married Ron. Draco married someone else. 2. Draco bullied one of Hermione’s friends. 3. There was a scene in the Harry Potter movies where Hermione intimidated Draco. It could be that Hermione didn’t know how to confess her love for Draco, but come on. We all know that Hermione is smart enough to know how to confess a crush and brave enough to do it. And Draco walked away crying, not blushing. 4. Draco’s outburst during the Yule Ball (“YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL!”). He was probably jealous that Hermione was dating Krum, but if Hermione actually loved Draco she’d take him. And we know this was before Hermione discovered her feelings for Ro…

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  • Hedwig the Snowy Owl


    I've just started The Deathly Hallows, and I'm on the part were Harry and his friends are talking to Kreacher.

    I'm really excited!!!

    I'm planning to read The Cursed Child afterwards.

    My friend's letting me borrow her books, so I'm very fortunate.


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  • Reverb frost

    Hey there Potterheads. 

    I would like to ask you a few questions and yes this is not wiki related but it is FANDOM related, so very important. 

    Do you like this wiki? Do you enjoy coming here and editng/posting/commenting and being a user? Do you enjoy open internet or perfer a bureaucratic internet run by government organisations? Do you like open internet? 

    I know these are rhetorical questions. The answers are  yes, yes, yes and yes. But the European Union seems to  disagree and probably doesn't support Open internet, which may result in deletion of many wiki contents and even many wikis itself!

    Want to know how?  Here it is .  Support FANDOM.

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  • DarkLove17181920


    September 6, 2018 by DarkLove17181920

    T.C.H.S Talant Show:

    My act-I will be dancing to Eiffel 65's Blue Da Be De Da Ba Da song instead of what I originally planned to do.

    I originally-Planned to sing my newest song called "My Crush"

    What "My Crush" is about-Me falling in love basically.

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  • DarkLove17181920

    1.What Lovers Do Adam Levigne feat.SZA

    2.Witness Jordan Feliz

    3.Whine Up Kat Deluna

    4. Who Owns My Heart Miley Cyrus

    5.Came Here For Love Sigala feat.Ella Eyre

    6.Feels Katy Perry, Big Sean, Calvin Harris, & Pharell Williams

    7.Almost Love (R3HAB Remix) Sabrina Carpenter

    8.Shower (Undiscovered Sounds Remix) Becky G

    9.Miley Cyrus Permanent December

    10.Taylor Swift Delicate

    11.Never Be The Same Camila Cabello

    12.Love Is The Name Sofia Carson 13.I'm A Mess Bebe Rexha 14.Meant To Be Florida Georgia Line feat.Bebe Rexha

    Another fave song of mine is Electricity by Dua Lipa. Also, 23 by Miley Cyrus is a very cool song and yet another one of my faves. I have a lot of fave songs.

    My 10th birthday song: Party In The U.S.A by Miley Cyrus

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  • DarkLove17181920

    1.Charles Freemen- He's a Sagittarius born on December 18th. He's the coolest boy in the SPED Classroom He's a 12th grader just like me. He was born in 2001, meaning, he's 17 years old. I just started having a crush on him like 6 days ago.

    2.Jared Pittman- Ok, this is really embaressing to say, and I'm blushing saying this but he's extremely hot to me (also he reminds me of the werewolves on the Originals). Also, he's stupid. He's extremely cool too. He was born on May 24th 2001. He's a Gemini. He's got like 2 classes with me: British Literature (1st block) and Economics (2nd block). He's 17 years old too.

    3.Marcos Pedraza- I just thought he was extremely goodlooking and clean for some reason. FUN FACT: People with his Zodiac Sign (Taurus) a…

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  • DarkLove17181920

    1st place- Charles Freemen

    2nd place- Jared Pittman

    3rd place- Marco Pedraza

    4th place- Gage Herndon

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  • CommanderOz

    Yup, sounds a little crazy but that idea appeared in my head, since I'm a fan of both Harry Potter and astronautics. Some unanswered questions will pop up, however.

    The astronaut:

    • Part of Ministry of Magic Space Program.
    • Jumpsuit with many pockets.
    • Has a regenerative air bubble charm around him or herself.
    • Highly risky, so Aurors are selected for training.
    • Multiple astronauts on a single mission for safety reasons.
    • Carries multiple wands. Having one break while far away from Earth can be nerve-racking.
    • Licenced to apparate.
    • Relevant gadgets.

    The broomstick:

    • A high performance broomstick as a base, maybe a Firebolt.
    • Existing seat replaced with comfortable chair for long trips.
    • Equipped with radiation shielding, air bubble, heat shielding and meteorite s…
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  • Hydra Gamer


    July 26, 2018 by Hydra Gamer

    Do you like the main owners of fandom? Do you not? State your opinion here!

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  • Remuslupinpotterfan230128f


     Full Name Rowena Ravenclaw Birthday Medieval era (exact birth date unknown) House Founded Ravenclaw house Skills Extremely skilled witch, known for her intelligence and wisdom Death Legend has it that a broken heart contributed to her early death

    “We’ll teach those whose intelligence is surest" Read more >
  • Sammm鯊

    Briefly entertained documenting this with User pages, then was like nah, for it's the rare moment to use blog as what it's for. Will be updating this accordingly.

    I will not be allowing comments, because past experience tells me I won't be notified anyways, and sans the gringotts proposal, the rest of the bunch waiting for response all can be replied to the talk pages where they were first asked.

    Location Gist
    Template talk:Education Template provides misleading information, implying the other wizarding schools all have the same subjects Hogwarts has, which is false; the was proposed back in 2010, can we please get an okay to go forward?

    Template talk: Merge#Template update proposal Proposition for making the template easier to access.

    Talk: Foo…

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  • TheChosenUnicorn1


    June 9, 2018 by TheChosenUnicorn1

    Hi I'm new here

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  • Harrypotterexpert101

    I recommend learning anything and everything about horcruxes! They are one of the most obscure branches of magic, but fascinating.  I recommend getting information from 1337star, a first class editor!

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  • TheChosenUnicorn

    Could the trolley witch be a muggle or squib? She has never been seen doing magic or having a wand as far as I know. She also has grenades which are muggle things. You might think muggles can't work with something to do with magic, but Filch works as the Hogwarts caretaker and he's a squib.

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  • Thatwitchthundermouse

    Patronouses play a huge part in telling you who you your soulmate is. You probably know that Ron's is a Jack russel terrier and Hermione's is an Otter, and terriers chase otters but if you go deeper you can find out more and more from a simple patronous maybe not only who your soulmate is but who YOU really are as well.

    OK so basically the big thing is in a relationship you need to be a bit different from eachother, but if you think about it Snape and Lilly were never going to work, the patronous shows and through reasoning you can easily see that Lilly and Snape were too alike to be soulmates.. They were destined to be best Friends and thats all. Think about it, you are usually the exact same as your best friend, and your the same as your …

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  • Sammm鯊

    keeping track of

    May 25, 2018 by Sammm鯊

    Students who appeared in both:

    Those were just the ones I came across when I saw them showing up on Special:Recentchanges. Dunno how many more of those there are. I'm honestly just being ridiculous, but IF hypothesizing they were in their 7th years during HBP, they honestly would have been 1st years during the 1990–1991 school year, as in, personally I'd rather get those name reused in in our 7th year, than more randomly generated names; thanks.

    (P.S.: Based on Carl Hopkins's page, at least for him in particular this is true!)

    Also, Felix Brunt (I) and Ivan Renshaw (I) apparently needed to be fifth year or up during the 1993–1994 school year, narrowing down their first years to 1987–1988 school year, 1988–1989 school year and 1989–1990 school…

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  • Kintobor

    Goblet of Fire is my favorite movie, albeit there are moments that I don't like.Kintobor (talk) 19:13, May 21, 2018 (UTC)Kintobor

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  • Abigail Volt

    Hi, lads! My name is Abigail Volt, but you can call me Abby! Also, if you would like to talk to me at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, then feel free to go to: its a great place to chat, experience homework, etc. My favorite place so far is, Peeve's Mocking Corner. It is so much fun there! They give you a riddle you can solve. And they give out a riddle everyday. But I am not talking about Tom Riddle. I am talking about riddle a fun brain-racking riddle. Now, doesn't that sound fun, lads? If you do look me up on WoP (World of Potter) then you must owl me, telling me where you heard my name. Just say "I saw your blog post" and you will then be my friend, or I will send you a friend request if you didn't send…

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  • Potterhead-potternerd
    Hermione Granger: "That's totally barbaric."
    Ron Weasley: "That's Wizard's chess."
    — The brutality that surrounds a game of wizard chess[src]
    Wizard's Chess is the enchanted variant of the classic board game in which the pieces move of their own accord when commanded by the player. When a piece is taken, it is removed by the attacking piece, often in a barbaric manner where the losing piece is smashed violently by the winning piece.

    Ron had a wizard chess set which he inherited from his grandfather. Unlike many of his hand-me-downs, the second-hand chess set was advantageous as the pieces trusted him. When Harry played with Seamus Finnigan's chess men, they did not trust his judgement and offered him advice.[1] A game of Wizard Ches…

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  • TheSonofCharlusPotter

    Hello ! Even though I'm not an administrator at this wiki, I would like to write a blog post regarding special features than can be enabled (and disabled) for this wiki! Please state your reason (in the comments section) as well as answering the provided polls. I hope it complies with the blogging policy! Administrators, please don’t hate me if you abhor a feature, these features can be disabled easily! NEW: ADMINISTRATOR’S VOTES ARE WORTH TWICE AS MUCH AS A REGULAR USER’S VOTE!

    Discord is a feature which allows you to chat to other users. You might be thinking that we already have a chat for that, but Discord allows admins to let news out to the community. I have already made a Harry Potter Wiki Discord Server with all the channels you might need.…

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  • Thatwitchthundermouse

    This is my first post hope you like it. 

    Muggleborns every year go to Diagon Alley to get their new school supplies, but many have no clue what they're doing! Hopefull this will teach some big potterheads something new, but also help new people joining the community!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           First you need money. Head to Gringotts at the end of the street and cash in pounds or euros for some knuts, galleons and sickles. There are 29 knuts to…

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