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A Ravenclaw player blocking a Slytherin Seeker during a Quidditch match

"Harry was faster than Higgs — he could see the little round ball, wings fluttering, darting up ahead — he put on an extra spurt of speed —
WHAM! A roar of rage echoed from the Gryffindors below — Marcus Flint had blocked Harry on purpose, and Harry's broom spun off course, Harry holding on for dear life.

Blocking,[1] in Quidditch, refers to a foul that consists of deliberately putting oneself on the way of the opposing team's Seeker, with the intention of obstructing his way towards the Snitch (usually resulting in a crash between the two players).[2] This foul could be committed by all players.

In the Gryffindor versus Slytherin match in 1991, Slytherin Chaser Marcus Flint blocked Gryffindor Seeker Harry Potter. The referee, Rolanda Hooch, awarded the Gryffindor team a penalty shot.[2]


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