An unfolded Blishen's Safety Matches box

Blishen's Safety Matches was a brand of Muggle matches. Introduced in 1847, they were manufactured in the European Union, conforming to the regulation EN1783:1997SAW. Boxes contained an average of 85 matches and warned users to "keep away from children," "store in a dry place," and "strike gently away from body." The company's mailing address was POBOX 2002 N7 6RG.[1]

Frank Bryce used this brand of matches to light his stove so he could heat a kettle on 20 August, 1994, the night he was murdered.[2]

Behind the scenes

  • In reality, the UPC number of this box's barcode actually corresponds to a Japanese box of 700MB CD-R discs.[3]
  • The notes on the side of this box are an altered version of those found on a modern box of Swan Vestas,[4] a popular UK match brand, which has been around since 1883.[5]


Notes and references