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Mrs Cole: "Billy Stubbs's rabbit... well, Tom said he didn't do it, and I don't see how he could have done, but even so, it didn't hang itself from the rafters, did it?"
Albus Dumbledore: "I shouldn't think so, no."
Mrs Cole: "But I'm jiggered if I know how he got up there to do it. All I know is he and Billy had argued the day before."
— Albus Dumbledore and Mrs Cole discuss issues the latter has had with Tom Riddle[src]

This rabbit was owned by Billy Stubbs sometime in the 1930s. After Billy got into an argument with Tom Riddle, Riddle used magic of some form to hang the rabbit from the rafters of Wool's Orphanage. Mrs Cole would later recount the story of this happening to Albus Dumbledore when he came to inform Riddle of Hogwarts.[1]


Notes and references

  1. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Chapter 13 (The Secret Riddle)

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