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Berry Ocky Rot[1] was a fruit wine containing 17% alcohol.[2] It was made from berries, which the label boasted were picked and pressed by the "fair hands" of "our best house elves," and aged in oaken bungbarrels for a thousand years.[2]

The beverage was sold at the Hog's Head pub in Hogsmeade[2], as well as the Leaky Cauldron[1]. Horace Slughorn and Rubeus Hagrid got drunk on a bottle of it after Aragog's funeral in 1997.[3]


Berry ocky is a Newfoundland English term for a drink made from wild berries (especially lingonberries).[4] "Rot" may be related to rotgut, an English slang word for cheap, low-quality liquor.[5] "Rot" is also German for red.


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