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Argus Filch: "What are you doing?"
Harry Potter: "Nothing."
Argus Filch: "Nothing! A likely story! Sneaking around on your own -- why aren't you in Hogsmeade buying Stink Pellets and Belch Powder and Whizzing Worms like the rest of your nasty little friends?"
— Filch grilling Harry about why he wasn't in Hogsmeade.[src]

Belch Powder is a joke product that presumably causes the user or victim to begin burping. It was available in Hogsmeade, most likely at Zonko's Joke Shop.

Ingredients for Belch Powder included Mummy, Mastick, Red Myrrhe, Olibanum, Ammoniacum, Oppopanax and Bdelium (2 drachms of each), 2 pounds of Vitriol, 2 pounds of Honey, half an ounce of Tartar, and 3 gallons of Aquavitæ.[1][2]

Behind the scenes


Notes and references

  1. Label Collection book in the Harry Potter Wizard's Collection box set.
  2. The label reads: "of Mummy, Mastick, Red Myrrhe, Olibanum, Ammoniacum, Oppopanax, Bdelium, each ʒii. Vitriol ℔ii. Honey, ℔ii. Tartar ℥1,ſs. Aquavitæ, gal.iii." which uses the apothecaries' system of weights.

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