"In Muggle fairy tales, magic tends to lie at the root of the hero or heroine's troubles – the wicked witch has poisoned the apple, or put the princess into a hundred years' sleep, or turned the prince into a hideous beast."
J. K. Rowling[src]

Beauty and the Beast is a popular Muggle fairy tale. In this story, a wicked witch turns a prince into a hideous beast.[2]

Squib author J. K. Rowling has noted the difference between this fairy tale and wizarding children's stories: that instead of being in the origin of the heroine's troubles (and personifyed by a "wicked witch"), in wizarding children's stories magic is seen as a tool that must be used properly not to cause as many problems as it fixes.[2]

Behind the scenes

Emma Watson, who plays Hermione Granger, portrays Belle in a 2017 adaptation of this fairy tale. The film also stars Emma Thompson as Mrs Potts, who plays Sybill Trelawney.


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