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Beaumont Majoribanks
Beaumont Marjoribanks
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1845 (aged 103)

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Beaumont Marjoribanks (17421845) was a pioneer in Herbology, having collected and classified many magical plants.

For this he was featured on a Chocolate Frog Card. He is credited with discovering the effects of Gillyweed, despite Elladora Ketteridge stumbling upon them about a hundred years prior. [1]

There was a bust of Marjoribanks on the History of Magic classroom, next to Cuthbert Binns's desk. [2]


The name "Beaumont" comes from a French surname meaning "beautiful mountain".

Behind the scenes

  • There appear to be inconsistencies in the spelling of this individual's surname: in the video games, it appears to be spelt "Majorbanks". In the real-life Chocolate Frog Cards once released in the United States (which were penned by J. K. Rowling), it is spelt "Marjoribanks".


Notes and references

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