"Are you tired of constantly wiping mustard from your face furniture ? Of brushing dried bat jam your bristly chin hedge? WELL LOOK NO FURTHER! Prepare to once again enjoy your post-mealtimes with the BEARD BAG! a simple, comfortable solution to your suppertime woes --- Attach the BEARD BAG over your ears and watch the BEARD BAG take the lead! Easily wand washable and in different sizes, the BEARD BAG now comes with optional TASH STASH moustache cover! Act now to avoid disappointment. Please send the loan below the BEARD TOWERS by owl for a prompt service!"
Beard Bag advertisement in The Daily Prophet newspaper[src]

An advertisement for the Beard Bag featured in the Daily Prophet

The Beard Bag was a wizarding garment designed to cover a man's beard in order to prevent bits of food and sauce from getting caught in it during meals. It was worn with two straps that fitted over the ears. Available in more than one size, it was wand washable, and came with an optional Tash Stash. The company that produced it had its offices in Beard Towers.[1]

An advertisement for the product appeared in the Daily Prophet.[1]


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