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Quidditch World Cup - German Quidditch Stadium 01
The German National Quidditch Stadium, located in Bavaria.
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Bavaria is a region in southern Germany, and one of the country's sixteen states.[1]

It is presumably the native region of the Bavarian Erkling[2], and is close to the Black Forest (found in the neighbouring state of Baden-Württemberg) where Erklings are said to have originated.[3] The German National Quidditch Stadium and the Neuschwanstein Castle are located in Bavaria.[4]

A variant of Exploding Snap is played in Bavaria. In this variant, a number of cards are dealt out in a circle. Whenever a card that matches one already in the circle is dealt, it is placed in the centre. Both it and the matching card must be tapped before all of the cards explode. The time before the cards explode is lessened upon each consecutive correct match.[5]


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